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Why Cambridge Prep Tutoring?

Traditional tutoring focuses solely on academics, but that’s only one piece of the learning experience. Cambridge Prep Tutoring combines tutoring with one-on-one mentoring to nurture confident and independent learning that goes beyond the classroom.

  • One-on-One

    All sessions are one-on-one with the same tutor specifically matched to the student’s needs. This enables the instructor to develop a meaningful rapport and become a trusted mentor.

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  • Personalized Curriculum

    All students learn differently. Cambridge Prep tutors design curriculum tailored to the student’s unique needs and adapt to how he or she learns best.

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  • Holistic Approach

    Personal challenges like stress, self-esteem and bullying can negatively impact academic performance. Cambridge Prep mentors help students find healthy ways to work through these challenges.

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  • Expert Instructors

    All Cambridge Prep tutors have a background in teaching and receive training from expert child psychologists and therapists.

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  • Convenient

    Our in-home tutoring instructors will tutor at your home, local library or any location that is most convenient for you and your family.

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Reading & Writing

We help build students’ confidence and strengthen skills in these two areas critical to academic and career success.


Math can be daunting at any grade level. Our customized math programs take frustration out of the equation.


Science helps us understand the world around us. We guide students in learning it from an intellectual and practical context.

Homework Help

Our instructors lend a helping hand on homework assignments and dig deeper in areas of confusion.

Study & Organization Skills

Organizational skills play a large role in academic achievement. We give students the tools they need to study effectively.


Our mentors build trust and boost self-esteem to facilitate more effective learning.

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Online Tutoring Available

Our interactive video, writing platform enables tutors and students to get the job done, easily and efficiently as if they were sitting next to one another. Contact us today about our Online Tutoring offering!

Cambridge Prep Tutoring

My.Cambridge Portal

Every Cambridge Prep learner receives access to the exclusive My.Cambridge learning portal -- an invaluable tool that enables parents, students, teachers and tutors to communicate and monitor progress in real time. Students find the most success when they have a support system, and My.Cambridge facilitates that.

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Cambridge Prep Tutoring

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  • "I needed to find a tutor that could connect with her and I feel like I got so lucky. My daughter is now doing well and her tutor was a big part of getting her back on track. I will always be grateful."
    CPT Parent
  • "I couldn’t recommend our tutor enough!"
    CPT Parent
  • "I just wanted to let you know that I have seen a HUGE turnaround this quarter! He's staying caught up on his daily work and doing great on his assessments (he got an A on his Algebra test today). I'm so proud of his hard work. Thank you for all of your support at home!"  ”
    Teacher of a CPT Student
  • “"I have ADHD and my tutor and I were able to work at a pace that was customized to me."”
    CPT Student
  • “"The tutor's natural and amazing ability to connect and engage with my daughter made the process of tutoring more fun than work."”
    CPT Parent
  • “"Her skills skyrocketed with the tutor's efforts."”
    CPT Parent
  • “"I was thrilled that my daughter also got a mentor and a friend."”
    CPT Parent
  • “Oh my gosh, mom! My tutor is making my life so much easier!”
    CPT Student
  • "My son looks forward to meeting with his tutor every week and greets her with a big hug as soon as she enters our home."
    CPT Parent