I know I’ve mentioned My.Cambridge in the past, but it is such a valued and unique aspect of Cambridge Prep, I think it would be beneficial to explain what it is in greater detail.

My.Cambridge is an online student portal that allows parents to track their child’s progress and remain in open communication with the tutor.

How it works:

  1. After each tutoring session, the tutor logs into My.Cambridge and rates the session on the PREP criteria (see below for more information), then writes a session summary. In that session summary, the tutor includes what they worked on, what went well, what needs work and what they’ll work on next time. 
  2. The family receives an email stating that a session summary has been written. At that time, the parents can log in and review the PREP scores, read the session summary as well as respond with questions or comments. 
Communicate with your Cambridge Tutor or child's Teacher easily and augment lesson plans quickly 24/7 from anywhere!
Communicate with your Cambridge Tutor or child’s Teacher easily and augment lesson plans quickly 24/7 from anywhere!

Oftentimes after a tutoring session, the family is busy with dinner or activities and they don’t have time to chat with the tutor; or the tutor may want to discuss something but not in front of the student. My.Cambridge is a great tool to keep the communication open and for the family to stay in the know of how their child is progressing.

Cambridge Prep Tutoring
Cambridge Prep Tutoring

Reading the session summaries is great and informative, but sometimes you want a quick visual to see how your child did during that particular session, and over time. That is why we have the PREP Performance. As part of the session summary, the tutor rates the student on the criteria below (positivity, retention, evidence, and participation.) When the parent signs in they see a table showing how their child did in each area. They also see a line graph over time for each of these areas.

What is PREP? 

PREP is an acronym for

Positivity: Did the student demonstrate a positive and confident attitude toward the session and the work that was asked of them? 

Retention: How did the student retain the information that they worked on during the session, and when reviewing from the previous session? 

Evidence: Did the student show demonstrable evidence that they comprehend the session topic, how well were they able to SHOW evidence of comprehension. 

Participation: Did the student cooperate throughout the session?

Cambridge Prep Tutoring
Cambridge Prep Tutoring

Another advantage to My.Cambridge is that it allows you as the parent to add a guest! As a guest, they can view and comment on the session summaries just as a parent can. Some families invite their child’s teacher, others invite a grandparent or family member who may be involved in the child’s academics. They say it takes a village, and we are here to help support that village!

Between the PREP Performance ratings and the session summaries, our goal at Cambridge Prep is that the family feels connected to the tutoring sessions and is able to maintain communication with the tutor. We want you to see the progress that your child is making at Cambridge Prep!