Welcome to the Cambridge Prep Tutoring blog! I’m happy to have you here. I will be posting a blog each week that will coincide with the vlogs that I post on my YouTube channel. The weekly blog will summarize what I talked about in that week’s vlog post. In these weekly blogs/vlogs, I will be sharing tried and true tips, tricks, and teaching strategies as well as book reviews, games, and everything in between! Please stick around and let me know what you think!

In this first vlog, I introduce myself and fill you in on:

  1. Why I started a tutoring company
  2. What happened to my first tutoring company
  3. Why there are two contact numbers for CPT
  4. A bit of my personal life
  5. What’s ahead for CPT

If you’re curious about any of this, I suggest you go to the Cambridge Prep Tutoring YouTube Channel and subscribe to the vlog!