Woman studying

Study strategies are VITAL to every student’s academic success. It doesn’t matter how bright the student is, if they don’t have good study habits they will at some point struggle. 

Successful study habits aren’t the same for everyone either. Being that everyone learns differently, they need to find what study strategies work best for them. For the month of February, I will share some study strategies for each type of learner. My goal is that one or two of them will be applicable to your child and will ease their (and your) studying/learning experience burdens. 

Does your child have a hard time focusing during a lecture but is completely focused when watching a video? Do they often doodle or draw pictures in order to understand a concept? If so, your child may be a visual learner.

Visual learners learn best by using images, computers, and other visual media. It’s important for visual learners to have the opportunity to learn via flashcards, videos, pictures. If they do need to memorize text, have them color code the text in order to organize their notes. They should also make sure that they don’t cram too much onto one page. There should be plenty of white space on each page of their notes. Along with white space, make sure your child knows how to create an outline of their notes. This organized way of notetaking is an excellent way for visual learners to retain information. Lastly, I would recommend that your child adds (in a variety of colors) symbols and pictures to their notes. For example, blue question marks next to what they don’t understand. Red exclamation points for important concepts and even drawing images and diagrams of complex or important processes.

These are just a few suggestions that will help your child if they are a visual learner. Next week, I will talk about study strategies for auditory learners.

If this is overwhelming for you as a parent, contact Cambridge Prep Tutoring and we can set you up with a well-qualified tutor to help your child find what study strategies work best for them!