Study strategies are VITAL to every student’s academic success. It doesn’t matter how bright the student is, if they don’t have good study habits they will at some point struggle. 

Successful study habits aren’t the same for everyone either. Being that everyone learns differently, they need to find what study strategies work best for them. For the month of February, I will share some study strategies for each type of learner. My goal is that one or two of them will be applicable to your child and will ease their (and your) studying/learning experience. 

Does your child prefer to work through problems in a systematic way? Do they enjoy playing strategic games? Are they well-organized and goal-oriented? Do they work well with numbers and patterns? Do they like to investigate problems and have a sense of curiosity? If so, your child may be a logical learner.
You will find that your logical learner retains the most information when they have the ability to break down the problem in a systematic way. They like procedures which they can use again in the future. When possible, help them understand the process or procedure rather than rote memorization. They will have more success in comprehending the material if they understand the “why.” Logical learners do well with lists. When studying, create a to-do list as they are more likely to stay focused when their studies are broken down into a list. They can also create lists of the content they are studying and even include statistics and timelines when possible. Whenever they can categorize their work, have them do so. This makes the material less overwhelming and easier to comprehend.

These are just a few suggestions that will help your child if they are a logical learner.

If you are still wondering what sort of learner your child is, here is a quiz that may help determine what your child’s learning style may be.