Study strategies are VITAL to every student’s academic success. It doesn’t matter how bright the student is, if they don’t have good study habits they will at some point struggle. 

Successful study habits aren’t the same for everyone either. Being that everyone learns differently, they need to find what study strategies work best for them. For the month of February, I will share some study strategies for each type of learner. My goal is that one or two of them will be applicable to your child and will ease their (and your) studying/learning stresses. 

Does your child get antsy during a lecture? Do they seem to retain more information if they can listen and move around at the same time? Do they have a lot of energy? Do they learn more by trial and error? If so, your child may be a kinesthetic learner. Kinesthetic learners are tactile learners that learn best by doing and touching. 

You will find that your kinesthetic learner comprehends more by being able to touch and manipulate material to learn. It’s a very hands-on learning approach. If they don’t have the opportunity to learn by touching and manipulating, try having them stand up while learning rather than sitting, or have them sit on an exercise ball so that they can easily move while learning.

If your child is studying for a test, instead of having him/her sit at a desk and memorize definitions or dates, have them shoot hoops while being quizzed by a family member. If they need to read a handful of chapters of a book, have them do sit-ups or run around the house in between chapters. 

Overall, the best scenario for success is when they can use materials to learn. Have them use manipulatives to learn math concepts, write out terms and definitions on notecards, or draw pictures of what they are learning. They can even chew gum as that too will help them increase their attention span while they learn. 

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to reach out and we can set you up with a tutor that will find the best study strategies for your child and how to implement them!