What do you do if your child does not like school? It can be such a frustrating, heartbreaking and confusing time for you and your child.

When a family is dealing with this sort of situation they often are at their wit’s end and don’t know what to do. Understandably, many would not think that adding a tutor to the mix would not help the situation in the slightest. However, it can help. I have seen it myself.

Like I discussed in the blog post, “How Can A Cambridge Prep Tutor Help My Child?” having a private tutor work with your child does more for the child than help them in their academics. The student could very well not like school because they are struggling academically, have low confidence, anxiety or maybe it’s challenging for them to meet friends. Or maybe they don’t like school because they are not being challenged enough and they are very bored.

In either circumstance, a tutor can help them. If the child is struggling academically and is not feeling very smart the tutor will help them understand the subject matter better by going at their own pace and teaching them in a manner that they learn best. The tutor can also show them that they are progressing and that they are smart. While the tutor works with the child on their academics, they are also forming a trusting and comfortable relationship which allows the student to ask questions that they may feel uncomfortable asking in the classroom. The child also often opens up about personal matters such as problems with friends or struggles to meet friends. This is an opportunity for the tutor to listen and allow the student to talk, as well as support the child in coming up with a resolution or strategy. 

If you’d like to know more about how a tutor can help a child that does not like school with some real-life examples, check out the CPT vlog, here!