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My.Cambridge Portal


My.Cambridge Portal

The My.Cambridge portal allows family members, teachers and Cambridge tutors to work together to change lessons and plans dynamically and share ideas on how to increase student success.

Every Cambridge Prep learner receives a My.Cambridge account

How does My.Cambridge work?

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We believe the same holds true for educating one!

We know from past experience that the more support and involvement a student receives from invested adults, the more likely he or she is to succeed. But life gets busy and parents don’t always have time for a full debrief after every tutoring session.

My.Cambridge is our online K-12 parent portal exclusive to Cambridge Prep Tutoring that facilitates communication and collaboration between a student’s tutor, parents, teacher and other key “village” members who have a stake in the student’s success. This is where My.Cambridge comes in.

Using the My.Cambridge K-12 parent portal, our tutors log a session summary after each and every tutoring session explaining what they worked on, what went well, what needs work, and what they'll cover during the next session. Parents can then login at their convenience to read the session summary and, if they wish, leave feedback or share it with teachers and family members.

Parents can view performance graphs demonstrating the student’s progress over time, which is useful in measuring growth and seeing a return on their educational investment.

Life is busy... but you can stay informed and affect real change!

Login and read tutoring session summaries for each and every session. Interact with your Tutor, child's Teacher and help create positive life and academic outcomes!

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Academic Dashboard

Monitor and affect change in your child's academics anytime and quickly from your smartphone or computer

Communicate with your Cambridge Tutor or child's Teacher easily and augment lesson plans quickly 24/7 from anywhere!
Tutoring Session Summaries

Each and every session is summarized and measured ready and waiting for you. No longer be in the dark!

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Invite Your Village!

Invite guests like Teachers, Spouses, Grandparents, Counselors and other family members to stay informed, add feedback and be more involved in your child's life!

Cambridge Prep Tutoring

Communicate with your Cambridge tutor and child's teacher easily and modify lesson plans quickly 24/7 from anywhere! Leave feedback, give praise or update important people about your child's academics.

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Progress Metrics

Fully understand how each session measures up and track ongoing progress over months. See your child's success first hand. Visualize their progress over time and see the value (ROI) of their tutoring experience!

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Take Ownership

Enable your loved one to exceed their potential through one-on-one tutoring and mentoring. The impact is something that will last a lifetime!

Empower your child's future

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