Introducing one of Cambridge Prep Tutoring’s best online tutors! Sarah comes highly recommended and has a knack for connecting with her students and making learning fun.

Being that this month we are talking about online tutoring, I asked Sarah if she would share with us some of her favorite tips and tricks. Check them out below. You can see why she is such an incredible tutor!

1. For online teaching, I like to have an education-related backdrop. I have a simple colorful bulletin board and chart hanging behind where I sit. 

2. I use the same routine each session so that students know what to expect. For example, warm-up, word work activity, main reading focus, and closing.

3. I ask questions about my student’s personal life and remember to ask follow-up questions in future sessions. I also like to ask would you rather questions to help the student feel comfortable or engage with me.

4. When possible, I let the student choose the book they want to read for the next tutoring session from a selection of books that I’ve pre-selected. 

5. Make sure to offer breaks as needed. It can even be a quick break to stand up and stretch together. 

6. A whiteboard is my most useful tool for reading. I use it for warm-up activities, helping students decode words, and practicing sight words. 

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