Meet Maria! Maria is another one of CPT’s amazing tutors. This week we asked her for tips and tricks when tutoring online.

Below are her wonderful suggestions when online tutoring:

  1. Do the “heavy lifting” work first.  I often find my students losing energy towards the end of the session, especially if it is after school.  Focus on harder/newer/multi-step concepts at the beginning and save the fact practice or review for the end of the session.
  2. Since we are “virtual” and cannot watch the student work through problems, I find it helpful to have students talk me through what they are doing. This is helpful in two ways:  I can correct errors in thinking right away and it is a good strategy for the student to reinforce their understanding of a process. 
  3. Give specific praise/positive feedback.
  4. It is okay to let your student talk about off-topic things for a quick moment.  I use this as a way to connect on a personal level. 
  5. Timed “challenges” can be a fun way to engage students such as, “how many subtraction problems can you complete in 5 minutes?”  

Maria comes with years of teaching experience, including online teaching. As you can imagine, she is a valuable tutor. Cambridge Prep Tutoring is lucky to have her!

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of CPT’s one-on-one online tutoring, please reach out!