Exam stress is a real and common issue for kids. While some stress from test taking can be healthy as it may motivate and challenge the student to focus, there are other cases where it has adverse effects on the student. The unwanted symptoms of exam stress can vary from one student to the next but some common symptoms include loss/increase of appetite, rapid heart rate, headache, tense muscles, dry mouth or upset stomach.

According to Concordia University, the definition of exam stress is “the feeling of tension and worry that comes from test-taking situations.” This stress can occur both while preparing for an exam or during the exam. Like I stated previously, it can often be healthy to have some degree of stress/anxiety as it can help you perform your best but for those students that have it to the degree that it has a negative impact on their test taking ability, here are some suggestions on how to help them manage their exam stress. 

  1. Eat properly
  2. Sleep well
  3. Positive Thoughts
  4. Relaxation Strategies
  5. Talk to someone
  6. Take breaks
  7. Make a study plan

Want to know more? Check out Cambridge Prep Tutoring’s vlog for some more simple and proven strategies to help a student manage their anxiety while they prepare for an exam and some additional strategies to use while taking an exam.